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BCTCA JAN/FEB -2017 Results 05-05-2017
BHMCT JAN/FEB-2017 Results 05-05-2017
M.Ed Ist Semester Dec-2016 Results 03-05-2017
M.P.Ed III SEM DEC-2016 Results 03-05-2017
M.Pharmacy (CBCS) Nov-2016 Results 02-05-2017
PGDCUL Jan-2017 Results 02-05-2017
Diploma In Law Jan-2017 Results 01-05-2017
MBA III Semester Regular Re-Counting Dec-2016 Results  
LLM III SEM JAN-2017 Results 28-04-2017
BCA (CBCS) JAN/FEB-2017 Results 28-04-2017
MCA(CBCS) JAN/FEB-2017 Results 28-04-2017
M.SC (IS)(CBCS) JAN/FEB-2017 Results 28-04-2017
BBA (CBCS)-2016 RV results  
UG BA /B.Com. / B.Sc. (CBCS) 1st sem RV results  
MBA(CBCS) I SEM FEB-2017 Results 22-04-2017
APGDEC Jan-2017 Results 22-04-2017
PG Diploma In Health Care Jan-2017 Results 22-04-2017
MBA (MAM) -JAN17 RESULTS 22-04-2017
MCA-JAN-FEB-2017-RESULTS 22-04-2017
MBA(CDE) I, II, III, IV SEMESTERS SEPT-2016 Results 12-04-2017
BCA Nov/Dec-2016 Results 11-04-2017
M.Sc(IS) Nov/Dec-2016 Results 11-04-2017
D.P.Ed III SEM RESULT 2016 23-03-2017
PGDECE RESULT 2016 23-03-2017
BBA-LLB Jan-2017 Results 19-03-2017
B.Com-LLB Jan-2017 Results 19-03-2017
LLB-Honours Jan-2017 Results 19-03-2017
LLB Jan-2017 Results 19-03-2017
M.Ed II SEM (Regular) I SEM (Backlog) Oct-2016 Results 09-03-2017
B.P.Ed III SEM (Regular) Nov-2016 Results 08-03-2017
B.E (CBCS) Semester-I December-2016 Results 08-03-2017
B.E Nov/Dec-2016 Results 08-03-2017
BCTCA Nov-2016 Results 08-03-2017
BHMCT Nov-2016 Results 08-03-2017
PGDCA NOV-2016 Results 08-03-2017
UG(BA/B.Com/B.Sc) (CBCS) Semester-I December-2016 Results 04-03-2016
MBA Dec-2016 Results 04-03-2017
B.Pharmacy Oct/Nov-2016 Results 03-03-2017
B.Ed. 2 years Oct. 2016 RV Results 03-03-2017
B.Ed (Backlog) (RV) Oct-2016 Results 03-03-2017
B.Ed (DM) (RV) Oct-2016 Results 03-03-2017
B.Ed (Third Methodology) Sept-2016 Results 03-03-2017
MBA (CDE) Aug-2016 Results 01-03-2017
List of Provisionally Selected Candidates for Admission into Ph.D. Programme - 2013-14  
UG (B.A/B.Com/B.Sc/BBA) (RV) Suppl-2016 Results 27-02-2017
PGDBM & PGDM JULY 2016 RV Results 27-02-2017
B.Ed LD III-Sem september 2016 Regular & Backlog results 16-02-2017
MCA (RV) Aug-2016 Results 09-02-2017
MCA (CDE)(RV) Aug-2016 Results 09-02-2017
B.Ed(MR) II Sem (Regular) & (I Sem Backlog) Sept-2016 Results 04-02-2017
PG (CDE) Recounting June- 2016 Results  
BA(Lang) Oct-2016 Results 19-01-2017
OE Oct-2016 Results 19-01-2017
PDC Oct-2016 Results 19-01-2017
MBA II-Sem. (Reg.) & I-Sem. (Backog & Improvement) Recounting results. 03-01-2017
BBA-LLB (RV)-AUG-2016-RESULTS 29-12-2016
BCOM-LLB-(RV)-AUG-2016-RESULTS 29-12-2016
LLB-(RV) AUG-2016-RESULTS 29-12-2016
LLB-HONOURS (RV) -AUG-2016-RESULTS 29-12-2016
M.Phil Rehab & Clinical Psychology Part-I & II August-2016 Results 29-12-2016
B.Ed (Backlog) Oct-2016 Results 29-12-2016
B.Ed (DM) Oct-2016 Results 29-12-2016
B.Ed (Third Methodology) Oct-2016 Results 29-12-2016
B.Ed (Sem Wise) Oct-2016 Results 29-12-2016
UG Supplementary September-2016 Results 27-12-2016
Junior & Senior Diploma in German & French November, 2016 results 20-12-2016
Pharma D (3YDC) (New) Aug-2016 Results 15-12-2016
Pharma D (6YDC) (New) Aug-2016 Results 15-12-2016
Pharma D (6YDC) (Old) Aug-2016 Results 15-12-2016
PG Diploma in Business Management, Maths and English Language Teaching (Non Internal) July-2016 Results 10-12-2016
PG Diploma in Business Management, Maths and English Language Teaching (Internal) July-2016 Results 10-12-2016
MA(CDE) (English) (Internal)June-2016 Results 08-12-2016
MA(CDE) (English) (Non Internal)June-2016 Results 08-12-2016
PG (MA/M.Com/MSW/M.Sc) II & IV-Sem (Regular & Backlog) May/June-2016 Recounting Results  
MA(CDE) (Philosophy) (Non Internal)June-2016 Results 03-12-2016
MA(CDE) (Philosophy) June-2016 Results 03-12-2016
M.A(CDE) (Journalism) Non Internal June-2016 Results 03-12-2016
M.A (Public Admin) (CDE) June-2016 Results 02-12-2016
M.A(CDE) (Public Admin)(Non Internal) June-2016 Results 02-12-2016
MA.(CDE) PPM June-2016 Results 02-12-2016
MA(CDE) PPM (Non Internal) June-2016 Results 02-12-2016
M.Com (CDE) (Previous/Final) June-2016 results. 01-12-2016
M.Com (CDE) (Non Internal) (Previous /Final) June/July-2016 Results. 01-12-2016
MA (CDE) Political Science (Previous/Final) June/July-2016 Results. 01-12-2016
M.A(CDE) Political Scinece (Non Internal) (Previous/Final) June/July-2016 Results 01-12-2016
M.Sc(Statistics) Previous/Final June-2016 Results 01-12-2016
M.Sc (Statistics) (CDE) Non Internal (Previous/Final) June-2016 Results 01-12-2016
MA (CDE) (TELUGU) (Previous/Final) June/July-2016 Results 01-12-2016
MA(CDE) (Telugu) (Previous/Final) June/July-2016 Results 01-12-2016




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