Osmania University

Hyderabad - 500 007



Admission Schedule for Ph.D. Programme for 2013-14

1. Faculty of Technology
2. Faculty of Pharmacy


Faculty of Science (Complete Schedule)

Faculty of Science (Revised Schedule) (Botany, Env. Science, Statistics, Astronomy, Microbiology)

a. Computer science
b. Mathematics
c. Chemistry
d. Physics
e. Bio Technology
f. Zoology
g. Genetics
h. Bio Chemistry
i. Nutrition
j. Statistics
k. Astronomy
l. Geology
m. Geophysics
n. Geography
o. Microbiology
4. Faculty of Education
a. Education
b. Physical Education
5. Faculty of Business Management
6. Faculty of Arts (Complete Schedule)
a.  English
b.  Telugu
c.  Hindi
7. Faculty of Engineering
a. Bio-Medical Engineering
b. Civil Engineering
c. Computer Science & Engineering
d. Electrical Engineering
e. Electronics & communication Engineering
f. Mechanical Engineering
8. Faculty of Law
9. Faculty of Oriental Languages
10. Faculty of Commerce
11. Faculty of Social Sciences
a. Sociology
b. History
c. Political Science
d. Communication & Journalism
e. Economics
f. Psychology
g. Social work
h. Public Administration
i. Library & Information Science
12. Faculty of Informatics