Osmania University

Hyderabad - 500 007


List of Provisionally Selected Candidates for Admission into Ph.D. Programme - 2013-14

S.No Name of the Faculty List
1. Faculty of Arts View
Faculty of Science
a. Computer science View
b. Mathematics View
c. Chemistry View
d. Microbiology View
e. Bio Technology View
f. Zoology View
g. Genetics View
h. Biochemistry View
i. Nutrition View
j. Geography View
k. Astronomy View
l. Geology View
m. Geophysics View
n. Applied Geochemistry View
o. Botany View
p. Environmental Science View
q. Statistics View
r. Physics View
3. Faculty of Social Sciences


Library and Information Science


4. Faculty of Management View
5. Faculty of Law View
6. Faculty of Commerce View
7. Faculty of Informatics View
8. Faculty of Pharmacy View
9. Faculty of Technology View
10. Faculty of Education View
11. Faculty of Engineering
a. Bio-Medical Engineering View
b. Civil Engineering View
c. Computer Science & Engineering View
d. Electrical Engineering View
e. Electronics & Communication Engineering View
f. Mechanical Engineering View
12. Faculty of Oriental Languages View