Central Facilities for Research & Development


UGC Scientific Instrumentation Labs

    Three Instrumentation Labs are constructed to accommodate Ten Scientific equipments procured with UGC funds and Labs are named as UGC Instrumentation Labs
    1. UGC Central Instrumentation Lab
    2. UGC NMR Lab
    3. UGC Radiation Lab .

E-Class Room

     E-Class room offers learning through technology, thereby providing more efficient, effective services in future as the end-users gain more knowledge and become more independent for better retention, and are offered a more complete learning experience. E-class room provides opportunities for "active-learning" activities in the classroom. "Passive-learning" approaches such as lecturing may still be a valid approach, but can frequently be best used to introduce basic concepts that are exercised with notebook-enhanced active-learning exercises. Students are able to develop communication skills within class. Although students have a habit of relying on a very informal writing style with Instant Messaging, the use of the notebook computer can be used to develop professional writing skills. E-Classrooms can also bridge off-campus locations, creating true distance-learning environments

     E-class room accommodates 55 learners with a provision to connect Laptop/Desktop under LAN with live Internet facility. Resource persons can make use of INTERACTIVE BOARD facility to deliver lectures in a more effective way through POWER POINT presentation and switching over to WHITEBOARD and also make use of Intranet facility simultaneously. All the activities on INERACTIVE WHITEBOARD can be transferred on learners’ systems at any point of time. E-Class room also provides Intranet WEBCASTING technology for online learners to access all the acivities going on in the room. E-class room provides recording facility of the activities inside room so that the lectures will be made available on university web-site for off-line learners.

Scholars Computation Lab

    A Computing laboratory with 40 computers is established in the Lab under LAN with Internet/Intranet connectivity. Users can have Browsing facility of on-line generals, e-books and University e-repositories like, scanned e-books, EMMRC e-lectures, e-class room access. University CF also intended to provide software like SPSS, MATLAB, MATHEMETICA and other software required for research purpose suggested by the research community with permission of University authorities.

DBT Modular Labs

    The Central Facilities for Research & Developed has allocated FIVE rooms for DBT Modular teaching labs and ONE room for DBT Central Instrumentation lab. The work pertaining to infrastructure development at the DBT labs is complete.

Server Room

    Server room is located at the ground floor (G-9) of the building. It is the heart of the central facilities as it caters to all the electronic requirements (Network connections, Server, Webcasting Equipment and CCTV network etc) of the building. The server room is divided into three parts. One part is dedicated for the servers, second part is the working area of Programmers and Technicians and the third part is for the data entry operators and Browsing centre for Blind and Physically Handicapped students . The interiors are done very beautifully keeping in view the modern designs as well as comfort. As the Servers need very cool temperature due to their continuo’s usage the lab is fitted with adequate number of AC’s.

    The server room is equipped with rack servers, one storage device , workstations, LAN Network Unit, CCTV Network Unit, etc.
    Windows 2003 server.
    Red Hat Linux Server.
    Debian server.
    Storage Device of 3.6 TB.

    These servers and storage devices are fixed into a server rack and switches and routers are fixed in a switch rack. The server room is also equipped with a 10 KV UPS with 3 hours backup. The CC TV controller data is also available in the server.The safety measures are well taken care of. The LAN connections are taken care from this room itself .All the systems are connected in network for easy access.

    Indigenous software developed and put in use
    Help desk software
    Enquiry Management System
    Inward and Outward Management System
    CF Messaging and Attendance Management System
    Biometric Software
    Central Facilities Website (oucf.osmania.ac.in under the link central facilities)
    Osmania Digital Library Website (oudl.osmania.ac.in)
    D-space, an open ware software installed to provide access to the e-procurements of University such as scanned e-books, EMMRC e-lectures, Examination Branch Ph.D, M.Phil Thesis/Abstracts through Internet facilities.
    Development of Online testing software is in progress for the Competitive examination centre.
    Any other Intranet/Internet Application Software can be installed as and when required.

Osmania University Alumni Association (AAOU)

    With the permission of Vice Chancellor ONE room (Room No G-11) is allotted to the Alumni Association of Osmania University to run their activities and necessary infrastructural development is in progress. The infrastructural facilities provided to this room also can be used by the Central Facilities without detrimental to the activities of AAOU.

    The following infrastructural facilities are planned for AAOU:

    1. Accommodation for the staff of AAOU
    2. A Committee Room

Director for Placement Services

    As per the instructions of the Vice Chancellor ONE room (Room No-F-10) in the first floor is allocated to the Office of the Director, Placement Services with minimal Infrastructural facilities, i.e., Director’s cabin with A.C, a separate cabin for lunch and Office Table, Executive Chair, common Telephone and a partition to accommodate P.A to Director.

Central Facilities Office Administration

    1. Director Room
    2. Central Facilities Office: Superintendent and a senior Assistant will be accommodated.
    3. Room No. 14 is allotted to General office where Care-taker and other office staff will be accommodated.
    4. Room No. 15 is allotted for accommodating Stores section.
    5. Room No. 1 is allotted for the Security personnel.

Garden Development

    The work pertaining to development of garden is in progress and the Director, Horticulture, Dr. Srinivasulu has initiated the process of getting the garden work executed by the contractors as per the government rates out of the funds allocated by the University to the tune of Rs. 15.00 lakhs. The internal gardening work has been completed and plantation work is in progress. As far as the external gardening work is concerned, the laying of red earth soil around the building and along the newly laid CC road is in progress. The gardening work will be initiated after completion of the laying of red earth.

Procurement of Scientific Equipment

    In accordance with the approval of the University Executive Council, the Director has procured the following Scientific Equipments. Most of the above equipments are being installed and Technicians are trained to put the equipment in use except APCI probe which is an auxiliary item to the LCMS equipment to be transferred from the Bio Chemistry department to Central Facilities for installation and usage.

Projected Requirement of Manpower

    ONE computer administrator, ONE PA to Director, ONE Librarian for E-Library, ONE Senior Accountant, THREE Lab attendants (from UGC funds ), ONE Lab supervisor (UGC funds), TWO sweepers to maintain the scientific labs (UGC funds) , TWO persons for watering the garden, TWO Data entry operators, TWO computer operators (ONE computer operator to operate the Instrument Management Software Package. ONE operator to execute other software developed in-house), ONE Telephone exchange operator.

Hosting Digital Library on DSPACE

    As all of us know that Osmania University has a rich collection of manuscripts, old books which are digitized around 40,000 books at the general Library, 1000 vedio/multi media lectures produced at EMMRC, reference collections useful for research by the OU staff, and Dissertations, Ph.D theses (Abstracts only) in electronic form can be hosted on the site for the benefit to future researchers.

    DSPACE an openware software has been installed. The Central Facilities has established the OU Digital Library on D-SPACE wherein the end users can have access to online journals, e-books, e-repositories viz., scanned books and e-lectures.

    The students, scholars and faculty can make use of the Digital library through our intranet website www.oudl.osmania.ac.in available in the Computational Lab apart from the facilities of internet and intranet provided by the Centre.


    The Help Desk is established to facilitate easy access in to Center for the Staff, Research scholars, Students and visitors. The Help Desk will extend help to the research scholars & staff on the use of Central Instrumentation Labs, Scholars Computation Lab and host of other facilities available at the Central Facilities Building.

    Help Desk is assisted byvarious application software’s for the following services:
    1. New users registration
    2. Sample receiving and handing over the test result analysis
    3. Receipt generation for Central Facilities services charges
    4. Enquiring management system
    5. Biometric Monitoring Management system
    6. Central Facilities Telephone Exchange Monitory