Central Facilities for Research & Development

List of Equipments

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer

It reveals information regarding detailed structure and configuration of organic molecules more..

High performance Liquid Chromatography

HPLC is a chemistry based tool for quantifying & analyzing mixtures of various compounds more..

HPLC AKTA Purifier

AKTA purifier is a liquid chromatography system designed for fast and reliable separations of Peptides, Nucleic acids.more..

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer

FTIR spectrometer is an important scientific instrument in various research, analytical and Quality control laboratories more..

UV-VIS Spectrometer

Many chemical species absorb light in either the visible or ultra violet region of the electromagnetic spectrum.more..

Confocal Microscope

Confocal microscopy has become powerful research tool in fields such as Cell Biology, Pathology, Material Science and Nano Sciencesmore..

Liquid Scintillation Counter

Liquid Scintillation Counter is standard laboratory instrument for life sciences, in which radiolabeled sample into uniform distribution more..

Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometer

Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometer more..


A centrifuge is a device for separating particles from a solution according to their size shape, density, viscosity of the medium and rotor speed.more..

DBT OU ISLARE Equipments

Sl. No Equipments
1 French Press Cell
2 Laminar Air Flow (Horizontal)
3 Vacuum spray dryer
4 Microkjeldhal Apparatus
5 Refrigerateeed High Speed Centrifuge eith Rotors
6 Fermentor with 5 liter Working Volume
7 Real Time PCR
8 Gradient PCR (2 No.s)
9 Spectral Karyotyping System
10 Flow Cytometer Automatic Cell Sorter
11 Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing
12 2D-Electrophoresis
13 Maldi TOF/TOF
14 Computational Facility: genomic and Proteomic analysis, Dell Power Edge 6800 server.
15 Automated Capillary Electrophoretic Unit with power pack
16 Gel Documentation
17 Automic Absorption Spectrometer
18 Elisa Reader / Washer with software
19 Carbon Dioxide Incubator (2 No.s)
20 Stero Zoom Microscope
21 Inverted Microscope
22 Gyratory Shaker (2 No.s)
23 Incubator Shaker (2 No.s)
24 Autoclave
25 Gene Gun Apparatus
26 Freezer -86 C (2 No.s)
27 Freezer -20 C (2 No.s)
28 Liquid Nitrogen Storage Can (200 liters Capacity)
29 Cryocans (3 No.s)
30 Walk In Cold Room
31 MilliQ Water Facility
32 Vortex Mixer

DBT modular labs are also in place for the five Biology Departmetns (i.e., Bio-Chemistry, Botany, Genetics, Microbiology and Zoology).

Future Installations planned

Instrument Code Instrument Name
FSMS Fluorescence Microscope
SEMS Scanning Electron Microscope
X-RD X-Ray Difraction
TEM Transmission Electron Microscope