Central Facilities for Research & Development

User Guidelines

Eligibility For Registration

    Person should be part of any academic institution (scholars / faculty) or any Research Organization / Industry.

Instructions for Registered Users

    To register as User of Services offered by Central Facilities, applicant should collect registration form from Central Facilities or dowload from the link , and fill the particulars, attach required enclosures for your identtiy to the form and submit at Helpdesk of Central Facilities.

    Once he/she acquires registration, he/she will become registered user of Central Facilities to use services like Scientific Equipment for your Research Sample Analysis, Scholar Computation Lab with research oriented computational software's along with High Speed LAN facility.

    CFRD will issue CF ID for all Registered Users individually, after which he/she will get Biometric Security System accessibility after recording Registered User finger print.

    Once User gets Biometric ID, he/she can enter into building directly without any Permission and you will be under continous observation of CCTV Cameras.

    User Should not use USB drives to carry any information from Scholar's Computation Lab, using USB drives is Strictly Prohibited.

    If you require any browsed information available in Computational Lab System, you may attach to your Personal Mail IDs.

    A Registered user involved in research can use Our Scientific Equipment services for Research Analysis.

    User involved in research wants to pay a visit to our Central Instrumentation Laboratories, he/she will be allowed only on Specified date and time if visit is highly recommended and permission is given by the Director, CFRD.

    No individual will be permitted into the building without Registration.