Department of Zoology

Department of Zoology



The teaching and research labs are equipped with instrumentation to impart practical skills to the students in the areas of animal biodiversity, physiology, physiological chemistry, environmental biology, development biology, cell and molecular biology, animal biotechnology, instrument techniques and computer applications in biology, entomology, helminthology and neurobiology. Research labs are equipped to do research in the field of physiology, entomology helminthology, cytogenetics, environmental biology and wildlife biology. Departmental grants including the DRS(UGC) SAP I, II & III, ASIST, BSR and DST-FIST Programmes have enabled the department to add some more facilities like HPLC, PCR, GELDOC, software for electrophysiology, voltage panel patch clamp, UV-visual spectrophotometer, electrophoresis, inverted microscope, spectroflorimeter, ionometer, refrigerated centrifuge and a Computer Lab with 20 PIII& PIV systems to carry out advanced research.


The Seminar library of the Department is fully-equipped with recent editions of text books and research-oriented books. Every year new books are being added.

The Natural History Museum of Zoology Department is one of its kinds in Indian subcontinent being repository to specimens of rare animals and fossils that have been collected from different parts of the world. Recent renovations have been done and new air-conditioned gallery for mammals and birds was created.


Post graduate students and Ph.D. scholars find employment opportunities in educational and research institutions in the country and abroad in Department of fisheries, Department of Forests and Wildlife, pest control organizations, ICAR, ICMR, CSIR institutions, Sericulture Boards and Pollution Control Boards. Opportunities are plenty in many biotechnology labs and institutions working in the area of bioinformatics and pathology laboratories.

Calssroom Laboratory