Of the eleven faculties and fifty two departments in the University, the Faculty of Science alone accounts for fourteen departments. The University has eighteen colleges - Campus (8), Constituent (5) and District PG Colleges (5), under its direct administrative control. It is also one of the largest affiliating universities of India with over 700 Affiliated Colleges.

Of all the colleges, the University College of Science (UCS) has earned a pride of place in the whole of the University, and has always been in the forefront whether in terms of size of faculty, strength of students, quality of research, academic reputation or administrative excellence.

The College has the distinction of being the oldest and the biggest in the entire University and its fourteen departments are spread over a large part of the University’s main campus.

The College was established initially in 1918, the year of inception of the University, with only four departments of Astronomy, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics, and has gradually and steadily grown both in the number of departments and activities.

Since then, the college has expanded enormously in strength and diversity and still continues to grow with the introduction of new disciplines like Biotechnology, Computer Science, Environmental Science and Forensic Science. Today, many of the departments of the UCS have earned both national and international acclaim.