Department of Botany

Department of Botany

About the Department:

The Department of Botany was established in 1924 as an undergraduate Department and later, Postgraduate courses were introduced. At present the Department has excellent infrastructure facilities and expert staff members in different fields of Plant Sciences. The Department has six fields of Research specialization viz., 1) Phycology and Limnology 2) Mycology and Plant Pathology 3) Biotechnology and Plant Molecular Genetics 4) Plant Physiology 5) Taxonomy, Anatomy and Embryology 6) Ecology & Environmental Biology and Palaeobology-Polynology.

The Department offers three specializations of Excellence at M.Sc. level 1) Applied Mycology and Molecular Plant Pathology 2) Applied Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology 3) Biodiversity of Angiosperms and Medicinal Botany. Several Faculty members are Fellows of the Andhra Pradesh Academy of Sciences and recipients of several other Research and Scientific Awards including the UGC-BSR One-time grant. Several of them have received Post-Doctoral training abroad and use modern methods in their teaching and labs. Several hundreds of Ph.D.s have been awarded and the Faculty have hundreds of publications to their credit in the last three decades including research articles in National and international Journals, book-chapters, review articles, books, television programmes, teleconferences etc. besides carrying out several Research projects funded by various agencies. The Department has organized several National and International Conferences and workshops in different areas of Plant Sciences.

The Department has a good computer laboratory for the use of students and researdh scholars, funded by the DST-FIST and UGC Infrastructure grants. The Department has been renovated and equipped with modern scientific equipment through grants like Special Assistance Programme (SAP from 1994 till to date), COSIST (1999) programme and Infrastructure Grant of the UGC (up to 2012) and Funds for Infrastructure in Science and Technology grant (FIST) from DST from 2002 to 2007 and DST-FIST-II (from 2012-ongoing).

The Department is also participating in the DBT-ISLARE programme of DBT and the UPE (Focussed Area Research) and CPEPA programmes of UGC at present. Presently, active research is ongoing in the Department by virtue of 18 ongoing research projects sponsored by UGC, CSIR, DBT, MoEnF, DST-PURSE and others. Further, the Department has a modular laboratory in the Central Facilities Building of the University developed by the DBT-ISLARE funding as well as access to the Central facilities laboratories which has sophisticated equipment. The Botany Department is the nodal Department for Environmental Science course.


M.Sc. Botany 2 years 52 seats
Ph.D. Botany