Department of Geography

Department of Geography

About the Department:

Geography is the study of earth's peoples, places, societies and environments. Geography is unique because it bridges the Earth Sciences (Physical Geography) and Social Sciences (Human Geography). The Department of Geography, Osmania University is one of the oldest in India it was established in 1942 and has successfully launched many pioneering courses. Among these are M.A. Geography, PG Diploma in Geographical Cartography, which has been in existence in the Department for more than 30 years. It started a M.Sc. Geoinformatics course in 2005-2006. Geoinformatics has various users spanning diverse disciplines who are increasingly adopting it as a Problem Solving and Decision Support tool. The Department of Geography has resorted to the path of modernization by way of acquiring infrastructure like Digital Image Processing, Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics

Labs besides the already existing Cartography Lab, Environmental Lab and GIS Lab. Geography is a unique discipline integrating subjects from Social Sciences, Sciences and Technology and unfolding the hidden relations of society in space. Initially, geographical knowledge was constructed around the physical basis of Geography and in course of time geographical studies have expanded their focus on to human relations. As time passed, the innovations in various fields of knowledge have had a definite impact on the subject and it started gearing itself up to face the new challenges. At the end of the twentieth century the developments in the field of information technology had a decisive influence in making the subject socially relevant. In fact, the subject is redefining itself to face the challenges of globalization.

Today the subject is restructuring itself by integrating the new technologies GIS, GPS and RS and in course of time it may emerge as the most important spatial science. Spatial technologies such as Geographical information System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS) and Remote Sensing (RS) have totally transformed the disciplinary boundaries of spatial science. It is in this spirit that the Department of Geography, Osmania University, is taking initiatives in reorienting itself to be contemporary times. The Department has got a grant of Rs.46 lakhs & 95 lakhs by way of DST-FIST grant and UGC-CAS Phase-I grant respectively for upgrading its digital infrastructure and by way of its commitment to the two funding agencies-DST and UGC. It is our endeavour to give a Digital Face to the Department to be relevant to the contemporary times with an objective of providing Technology with Human Face.