Department of Geography

Department of Geography

Laboratories and Equipment

GIS Lab, Cartography Lab, Soil lab, Geoinformatic lab, Image processing Lab, Photogrammetry Lab.

Grant Projector and Optical Pantograph, Tracing Tables, Ammonia Printing Machine, Digital Planimeter, Curvimeter, Mirror and Pocket stereoscopes, LCD Projector,GPS, DGPS, AO Plotter, AO Scanner and various Cartographic and Survey instruments.


80 Computer Systems, including 10 Workstations Server with 20 Printers and software including Arc GIS 9.1 – Master Labkit, Arc View (21 Licenses), Erds Imagine (11 Licenses), Lieca Photo Suit (10 Licenses), Envi Software 12 Licenses, Arc. Info and MapInfo for GIS, Map Objects for customization of maps, Auto Cad and 3D Map and Erds Imagine for image Processing LPS for Photogrammetry are available. All computers are networked.


Students graduating from the Department of Geography have opportunities in i) Civil Services, ii) Organizations where special geographical skills (particularly in GIS and Cartography) are needed like GIS industries, NRSA/APPSRAC, NGRI, Census of India and other public and private institutions and iii) Teaching particularly in Kendriya Vidyalayas and other schools (CBSE and ICSE/ISC)..


The Department is having active and continuous interaction with National Remote Sensing Agency, Survey of India etc.for its research and collaborative programmes.

Other Facilities

Calssroom Laboratory