Department of Geophysics

Department of Geophysics


Geophysics Laboratory: Under COSIST and DRS programmes the Department has acquired the following state-of-the art field Geophysical equipments. Multichannel Signal Enhancement Seismograph (EG & G Geometrics) Microgal gravimeters (Lacoste Romberge), Syscal Resistivity Meter (IRIS), M-38 Ground Conductivity Meter (Geomics), GPS Receivers (Trimble), etc.

Remote Sensing Laboratory: Established under DRS III Phase. This laboratory is equipped with two optilex Pentium machines and accessories, light tables and image processing software.


The following organizations provide scope for employment for M.Sc Geophysics graduates. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd., Oil India Ltd., Geological survey of India, Central Groundwater Board , State Groundwater Board, Mining and Civil Engineering Organizations, Panchayat Raj Department, Multinational Oil Exploration Companies Satyam InfoTech and other Software Companies, National Geophysical Research Institute &other related research organizations Reliance and other Industries, Directorate of Atomic Minerals Research and Development etc. Also, scope for self-employment exists for enterprising candidates as consultants in ground water exploration by Geophysical methods


The Department has strong interaction with the industry. Scientists of major organizations from India and aroad visit the Department frequently and interact with Faculty Members and Research scholars. Students of M.Sc Geophysics are doing summer projects in various organizations.Department has been undertaking consultancy projects from Government and private organizations.


The Department proposes to take up teaching and research activities in many frontier areas of Geophysics and allied subjects like Mathematics, Geology Software etc., in addition to continuing the existing programs..

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