Hostel Facilities

Maneru Hostel

Krishnaveni Hostel

Yamuna Hostel

For students enrolled into various science programmes, the university offers on campus residential accommodation in the form of four hostels:

Maneru with 83 rooms (for first year students),

Krishnaveni - also known as B-Hostel with 101 rooms (for second year students),

Yamuna - also known as New P.G. with 109 rooms (for male research students),


CHW-I & II - also known as Ladies' Hostel (for all girl students and scholars).

As far as possible, the university caters to the housing needs of most of those students coming from the rural areas. Admission into the hostels is strictly as per the available accommodation and no guarantee of admission is given to every student. It may be noted that the hostels earmarked for the PG students of Science do not have enough rooms to accommodate all the students and therefore the university/college administration will not be able to guarantee accommodation to the students enrolled under self-finance stream whether in regular/SF courses. Right of admission is reserved with the University. All those seeking hostel accommodation are advised to go through the “Rules and Regulations” given in ‘Osmania University Hostels & Messes Hand Book’ and shall comply with the do’s and don’ts mentioned in it.

Students desirous of hostel accommodation are advised to contact the Principal’s Office for details. The Vice-Principal (Hostels) is entrusted with the twin responsibilities of allotment of rooms in hostels as well as looking after the day-to-day mess facilities to the boarders.

He is ably assisted by two Wardens: Warden (General) and Warden (Mess), for each of the hostels. The Wardens are appointed from the teaching faculty, who in turn are supported by hostel personnel headed by the respective Care Takers.

The willing boarders are expected to participate in ‘Mess Committees’ and ‘Monitoring Bodies’ and help the College administration in preventing all kinds of trespassers into the hostel rooms and keeping a vigil on hygienic upkeep of the dining halls and kitchens. The active participation of student-boarders certainly helps not only in maintaining the hostel premises clean and also in improving the quality of food served in the hostels. Hostel Management Committees have been formed involving the senior teaching faculty from all the departments of science to monitor all the aspects related to hostel administration and messes.

All hostels, except womens hostel, have been brought under the administrative control of the Principal, UCS since the academic year 2006-07.