Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Attendance Requirements

1. Candidates admitted to a particular course of study are required to pursue a ‘Regular Course of Study’ before they are permitted to appear for the University Examination.

2. A regular course of study means putting in attendance of not less than 75% of the lectures and practicals in all papers (this provision will be enforced strictly). In special cases and for sufficient cause shown, the Vice-Chancellor may, on the specific recommendation of the Principal/Head of the Department, condone the deficiency in attendance to the extent of 10% on medical grounds \ subject to the production of Medical Certificate and payment of ‘condonation fee’ as prescribed by the University.

3. Candidates not having the requisite attendance (as above) will not be allowed to appear for the examination at the end of the semester.

Promotion, Re-admission Rules & Maximum Time for Completion of Course

Promotion Criteria

Semester Conditions to be fullfilled
----------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------
From Semester I to Semester II Undergone a Regular Course of Study of Semester-I and registered* for the Semester -I examination
----------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------
From Semester II to Semester III

a) Undergone a Regular Course of study of Semester-I & II, and

b) the number of backlogs if any, of Semester-I and II taken together, shall not exceed 50% of the total number of papers / subjects prescribed for Semesters - I and II

----------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------
From Semester III to Semester IV Undergone a Regular Course of Study of Semester-III and registered* for the Semester -III examination
----------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------

Note: * Registration means obtaining a Hall Ticket for the said examination following prescribed procedures

The procedure to be followed for granting readmission to the students in the following cases:

* A student who did not pass in the required number of papers and thus detained.

* A student after completing a semester / year did not continue their studies in the next immediate semester / year on personal / health grounds but desired to continue his / her studies after a short break.

* A student who has put in not less than 40% of attendance in a Semester and not registered for the examination, can take re-admission in the same semester without appearing for the entrance examination..

* Candidates who, after completing a semester / year of the course but taken T.C. to join some other course and come back to continue the earlier course.

In all the above cases, readmission is permissible provided they are within the period of double the duration of the course. Further, the approaval of the university has to be obtained in respect of those students who take TC to join some other course and come back for readmission in the same college.