Department of Astronomy

Department of Applied Geochemistry

Laboratories and Equipment

Observational Facilities:

  1. Two 12-inch Meade telescopes for students, research scholars and various outreach programs
  2. A 48-inch reflector telescope at Japal – Rangapur Observatory with the following backend scientific instruments:
  3. CCD Camera 512 x 512 and 1024 x 1024 with Sun Work Station SS20r
  4. Two channel photometer
  5. Meinel spectrograph
  6. Scanning spectrometer and
  7. Photon counting system
  8. Two 12-inch reflector telescopes and one CCD camera
  9. Gamma - Ray Spectrometer
  10. Ultra-violet lamps
  11. 3m Radio Telescope


Well equipped computers, electronics and optics lab is available for conducting practicals for post graduate and research students.

And many of the Research Scholars and Students are working at National and International laboratories.


The Centre has a well equipped library with about 6316 text books on Astronomy and Astrophysics and related subjects. There are about 30,000 research reprints obtained on gratis. The library also subscribes two leading astronomical journals like Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics and Astronomical Journal, Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics (IJRSP) along with magazines like Sky & Telescope, Current Science etc.

Seminar Library

A well-furnished Seminar Library is also available for students, research scholars anf faculty members alike.

Other Facilities


Dr. D. V. Phani Kumar, a Ph. D degree holder in Astronomy, currently working as Scientist D in Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES), Nainital Dr. Y. Ravi Kiron has been awarded Ph. D degree in Astronomy is presently working as Director Jawahar Planetarium, Allahabad. Dr. M. Shiva Kumar, students of this department presently working as Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore. Dr. Priya Hasan, alumni of this department presently working as Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Moulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad

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